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Embroidered designs look great on corporate or club clothing and are still unbeatable for that high quality look and feel.

Choose from a range of text styles for your company name or we can digitise your logo to be reproduced as an embroidery or you can choose from a wide range of stock designs. featuring most trades. Embroidery is colourful permanent and washable.


In order to embroider a logo it first has to be converted to a format that our embroidery machine can recognise. This is called digitising. The cost of digitising varies with the complexity of the design and the number of stitches required to sew it.
Here is a guide to the cost of digitising for embroidery, this is a one off charge, once it is done your logo is kept on file to be sewn at your request whenever you need more garments.


There are no charges for digitising text in standard fonts so for an embroidery like this one you will only be charged for the cost of embroidering each garment
From £4.00 plus VAT depending on the finished size.

Text Plus

If you add simple geometric shapes and lines to your text this can be digitised from £15 plus VAT depending on complexity. A logo like this one will cost from £4.00 plus VAT per garment to embroider depending on the finished size.


A complex logo including text and pictures costs £30 plus VAT to digitise. Every aspect of the design is carefully translated into stitch patterns, colours and densities to make a finished logo that sews well, is stable and looks stunning. A multi coloured logo like this will cost from £4.00 plus VAT per garment to sew depending on final size.

Stock Images

We carry stock ranges of embroidery to cover many different sports & pastimes including: AUTO LOGOS, DISNEY CHARACTERS, SUPER HEROES, SPORTS, LIFEGUARDS